Apprentice Bricklayer Wages Conditions Questions

Quick Quiz Questions Answered on Workplace Employment & Pay

Want quick, easy-to-follow information and advice about bricklaying apprenticeship rights and obligations in the workplace?

Fair Work Australia’s quiz explains everyday workplace issues – situations you might find yourself in. It uses examples of various trades to answer everyday queries on pay and conditions. Fair Work is the Federal Government Department with the role of ensuring you’re paid no less than the minimum Australian Award Rate and that you work under fair conditions.

To make it easy, we’re re-produced the Bricklaying and Blocklaying pay rates and conditions here at this website. Fair Work is here to help too. Besides the Quiz, it has information on all aspects of employment if you need it. There are lots of situations that arise, and it’s important to know your rights and obligations, whether you choose bricklaying or another trade.

Take the Fair Work Quiz


You choose an area where you have queries. Say it’s about ‘Pay and awards’. Work through the quick Quiz Questions, providing an answer – then find out if you’re right, wrong or part right, and why. It’s an easy way to learn with lots of links to the details if you want to explore further. It’s really simple but clear. Dip in and out if you like:
  • There’s no obligation to register or complete a module or all modules
  • Stop anywhere in a module when you’ve got your answer
  • Each full module has about 6-10 questions and takes about 15 mins
  • If you’re keen, there are scores and a certificate if you register and complete all 7 modules

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