Writing a Resume and a Covering Letter

Posted on May 28, 2020

Annually the ABBTF office in WA receives well more than 200-300 Resumes in response to advertisements we post on Seek and other marketing mediums for Bricklaying Apprenticeships and Positions.

Essentially, we use this process to help fulfil Vacancies known to us, provided by our trusted industry employer partners seeking our assistance. As such it important that we convey the entry standards required by these employers, as to ensure the best candidates are sent forward in expectation of either an unpaid Work Trial (permissible for Sole Traders in WA) for no longer than 5 days, or via a paid Trial as a Labourer with an expectation of an Apprenticeship if successful.

Recently ABBTF placed a Seek advertisement for Bricklaying Apprenticeships that clearly set out employer expectations, desirable personal attributes and essential pre-requisites as to ensure we attracted the right people and to also help applicants write a suitable response that hints how they can Satisfy all of the Criteria as per the below:

Bricklaying Apprenticeships

ABBTF is currently working with a range of employers and hosts in the greater Metropolitan and Peel areas of Perth to help fulfil a range of Bricklaying Apprenticeship Vacancies.

Ideal applicants should be Highly Motivated and have a Genuine Reason for wanting to undertake and complete a 3-4-year Apprenticeship, validated by recently acquired knowledge and or experienced.

Successful applicants typically should have previously participated in one or more of the following relevant to the trade:

  • Structured Work Experience
  • Paid Work or a Work Trial
  • School Based Construction Vocational Program
  • Bricklaying Pre-Apprenticeship
  • ABBTF Work Ready Program
  • Previous Bricklaying Apprenticeship – non completion

Only highly motivated persons should apply whom have an understanding that the trade is labour intensive, mobile, outdoors and requires optimum physical and mental strength.

A White Card will also be required as to engage in a Potential onsite Unpaid Work Trial for a defined period. Bricklaying is also a highly mobile trade and as such all applicants must either have a current DL and or an L Plate.

It is strongly advised that when candidates are responding to Job Advertisements that they take the time to read the whole advertisement, use a marker to highlight Key Requirements and then contextualise their own resume to reflect the detail in the advertisement.

This process is very much like responding to an exam question. Think of your teachers telling you repeatedly in school, “Read the Question before answering the question” and then read again once you think you have finished”!

When the applicant is asked to provide a Genuine Reason for wanting to undertake a Bricklaying Apprenticeship, it is highly advisable that you draw on your own experiences relevant to any Trade Training or Experience.

Ideally, they should include details of your participation in one of the following:

  • A Try a Trade – At school, at a career expo, at a training provider
  • Work Experience, Work Trial or Previous Employment
  • School Based Vocational Training
  • A Pre-Apprenticeship or Pre-Vocational Program
  • An ABBTF Work Ready Program

In addition, you should try to draw on actual real-life examples that demonstrate your work ethic, commitment, motivation, resolve and character.

It is worth noting that many trades have been let down before by previous Job Seekers. In this current building cycle time is money and as such Trades will only put the time into training you if you can demonstrate that you could bring value to the team as an apprentice and will endeavour to learn fast, maintain a healthy attitude and attendance.

Remember Bricklaying Apprenticeships are a nominal term of 3-4 years which is a substantial commitment, particularly for youth in 2020 where expectations for reward over effort is different compared to that of the generation your potential employer grew up in.

The Return on Investment by Industry will come in the form of your time in Construction as a Bricklayer, Contractor, Builder, or some other Long-Term meaningful existence.

The Rewards are many and if you put in the effort upfront with your resume and preparation, you will reap the rewards once the training is done.

For further details contact dean.pearson@abbtf.com.au

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