How do I Become a Bricklaying Apprentice?

If you are interested in learning how to become a bricklayer in Australia then we recommend following these steps:
  1. Find an Employer: ABBTF will help place you with an employer who is willing to take on an apprentice.
  2. Choose a Training Provider: your on-site training will be provided by a TAFE or a RTO.
  3. Stay Focused: You’ll spend the next 3-4 years training as an apprentice with your employer. When you complete your apprenticeship you’ll be a qualified Bricklayer/Blocklayer.

Here is how an apprenticeship in bricklaying works

There are two parts to an apprenticeship in bricklaying, the onsite training provided by the employer and offsite training provided by the TAFE or RTO. Before commencing apprenticeship training, applicants must first be registered as an apprentice with an employer prepared to employ them for the period of the apprenticeship – three years or in some states, four.

We can assist you in finding a suitable employer, so please Contact Us.

The bricklaying qualification is a Certificate III level. For approximately four to seven weeks spread throughout the year, apprentices attend a TAFE or RTO in their vicinity. There are many training sites across the country, check our our TAFE/RTO locator tool. If you live in a remote area and cannot travel to undertake off-site training, it is possible to make other arrangements and have an assessor visit the work site.

Enquire with your State office.

Most TAFE/RTO also offer Certificate II Pre-Apprenticeship training courses that help students decide which trade is right for them but these are full time and are strictly pre-employment undertaken at the choice of the student. Studies completed in this course provide credits against units in CPC30111 Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying Apprenticeship. Our support services include assisting potential apprentices in finding a suitable employer, completing their apprenticeship and much more… Over the last five years the number of apprentices per year completing their training has increased by 38%. Our support services enable us to match good apprentices to the right employers. Ensuring a sustainable future for the industry having successfully decreased the average age of bricklayers, which has resulted in a marked increase of younger workforce, with 15-29 age group now making up 31% of the total workforce.