Social Enterprise


We are very excited to announce that Brick and Block Careers (NFP) is now officially a certified social enterprise with Social Traders. Brick and Block Careers aim to fulfil the career aspirations of young Australians and jobseekers, by providing employment opportunities in brick and block laying. Brick and Block Careers is now an accredited social enterprise under the national Social Traders certification scheme.     As a certified social enterprise. Brick and Block Careers supports the youth of Australia. We are now supporting over 1,500 Australian bricklaying apprentices and have paid $1.2 million of subsidy support to their employers in the last 12 months.       More information – Social enterprises are commercially viable businesses existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners. We believe that the problem of social inequality is real. We know that social enterprise is a key part of the solution – creating jobs and delivering services that create inclusive economic growth. Businesses and Governments have an opportunity to be part of the solution, by buying from social enterprise. Working together, our community is contributing to a more inclusive and equitable Australia.  – SOCIAL TRADERS