CITB ‘doorways2construction’ program

the team at abbfl
Posted on Dec 11, 2020


This year’s Doorways2construction (D2C) was held this month in December and several teachers attended the 3-day session. Half the group participated in bricklaying, with the training team from Tonsley-TAFE SA showing teachers how to mix and apply mortar, lay courses of bricks, and build up a corner. The other half participated in solid plastering, including mixing up render, applying a scratch coat onto a wall, floating a final finish, and quoin work.

‘D2C’ is a Vocational Education and Training in Schools Program (VETiS) set up by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) in conjunction with the secondary schools sectors of South Australia and jointly funded with the State Government.

The event was co-sponsored by ABBTF and attended by our CEO Michael Morrissey. This event was also attended by majority of our SA Member Companies (Manufacturers) Austral Bricks, Boral and Adbri, who were there to meet the teachers on the last day. This was a great opportunity to collaborate with our industry partners.