Meet our new Community & School Liaison Officer!

Australian Brick & Block laying Foundation Limited
Posted on Jun 07, 2021

ABBTF welcomes Zoey Heather as our new Community & School Liaison Officer in Victoria and Tasmania.

Zoey is very passionate about supporting young people on their career journey, a confident communicator and excellent at building and developing relationships.

In her previous role, Zoey managed a large number of clients with disabilities. She helped them identify their skills and motivated them into suitable work, continuing to support them through their employment journey to make sure they were doing well.

Zoey is highly experienced with recruitment and training, and uses her skillset helping people reach their career goals!

Apart from that, there’s never a dull moment is Zoey’s world – she loves outdoors, sports, adventure, history of Australia, old towns, antique shopping etc..and the list goes on ?

If you are a Career Advisor or candidate in Victoria or Tasmania, we are here to help – simply get in touch with our Community & School Liaison Officer:
Zoey Heather
Community & School Liaison Officer Vic-Tas.

M: 0499 708 020