Dean Pearson (Brick and Block Careers – WA Manager) wins an award!

Posted on Feb 15, 2023

Our very own Dean Pearson (Brick and Block Careers – WA Manager) wins an award for his valued contribution to WorldSkills Australia!

“This award essentially acknowledges our continued support for the competition and everything it stands for. To represent all our employees, both past and present, who have at various points in time made significant contributions to WorldSkills Australia, I have accepted the honour.

Since 2006, I have worked with WorldSkills Australia to make sure it serves as a venue for the development, assessment, and celebration of exceptional young Bricklaying Apprentices. It complements our business strategy and offers a plethora of opportunities to us.

The competition has played a significant part in highlighting outstanding role models for our trade; many of them have gone on to achieve even greater success as tradesmen, tradeswomen, business owners, contractors, and industry leaders. I am very honoured to receive this award and have worked with so many equally passionate people”. Dean says.

The WA Bricklaying WorldSkills Australia committee was established in 2008. The common interest was to ensure that these events are held in the best light possible with the best apprentices available. This has created new business partnerships; many remain in place today. It also demonstrates that our industry is strong and in good hands.


WorldSkills Australia strongly believes that skills drive the future of young people and Australia. Since 1981, WSA has championed skills excellence in vocational, technological, and service-oriented careers and helped over 100,000 people compete in national and international skill competitions. We’re passionate because skills grow careers, foster life-long partnerships, and build successful communities!


Brick and Block Careers aims to fulfil career aspirations of young Australians and job seekers, by providing employment opportunities in brick and blocklaying.