Greater diversity makes our workplaces stronger. 

Posted on Feb 10, 2022

In the past, construction has always been a male-dominated industry, but this is changing. Greater diversity makes our workplaces stronger. 

Meet Taylah Chilby, (17-year-old) from the Illawarra region who has recently been signed up as a 1st year Bricklaying Apprentice. She is currently working with Kristian Moore from Alpine Brick Company. Kristian currently has a crew of 7, with 5 apprentices, and Taylah is his 1st female apprentice. Kristian has 2 young daughters himself and would like them to have equal opportunity.  Kristian was happy to welcome Taylah onboard.

Taylah was in year 11 when she decided that school wasn’t for her and wanted to leave. She was unsure of what she wanted to do – however, to leave school she knew that she had to find a job or a course to study at TAFE. Taylah really enjoys working with her hands and being outdoors. So she chose a trade as all her family are in trades. No one in her family are Bricklayers although she was keen to give it a go and thought that would be a good spot for her. She enrolled into the night course at Wollongong TAFE and really started to enjoy it and decided to choose that as a career.

Taylah is very passionate about Bricklaying and wants to encourage other girls as she says, “you never know if you’re going to like it until you give it a go”!

After completing her Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying, Taylah would like to gain more experience within the trade and potentially go on to become a builder.

Her advice to anyone thinking about joining the trade is to take is slow, listen, follow Instructions and don’t slack off.

What she loves most about the job is that it’s always Go, Go, Go. There is always something to do which keeps her active and fit.

Way to go Taylah!

Trade careers are rewarding and positively impact on the economic security of women! There’s never been a better time for women to enter the trades industry. Looking for a well-paid career path…? Then find your future freedom – and become a bricklayer!