Meet Kamren

Posted on Jan 19, 2023

Kamren contacted us at the Youth Futures Anchor Point 2022 Careers Expo. Kamren was Job-Ready and highly motivated he handed us his resume with all the relevant details. He completed a try-a-trade and a pre-apprenticeship at Skillhire.
The WA team arranged for him to go out on a work-trial the following week. His employer loved having Kamren on site and asked us to organise a sign-up date to register him as an apprentice.
Statement from his career advisor: ”Kamren came to me at the beginning of the year to discuss his career and transition goals. His short-term goal was to get his first part-time job, with his long-term goal set on getting an apprenticeship on completing his high school certificate at the end of 2022. To help facilitate this long-term goal Kamren successfully participated in a three day try-a-trade and then a 10-week Cert II In Construction pathways course with a focus on Bricklaying and Carpentry. Kamren instantly knew bricklaying was for him, and we were lucky enough to meet Rebecca from Brick and Block Careers, who arranged a connection to a work trial for Kamren with a bricklaying company. Kamren was successfully offered a full-time bricklaying apprenticeship with a Bricklaying company and couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Rebecca and Brick and Block Careers, for arranging this opportunity for Kamren, and we wish Kamren the best for his exciting future ahead.”
“The Work Trial was Brilliant for me, the whole team was very friendly and supportive of me, and I felt like I was a part of the team; they all took some time to teach me a few things, which was very helpful to me considering I was on a work trial.” Kamren
Brick and Block Careers understands the importance of connecting the right people as an apprenticeship in bricklaying is three-to-four years.
If you are looking to kick-start a career in bricklaying but don’t know where to start, please send us your resume, and we will help you get started through programs or work trials.

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