Community & School Liaison Officer-WA

Posted on Apr 23, 2021

ABBTF welcomes Dion Stewart as our new Community & School Liaison Officer in Western Australia.

One week in and Dion has well and truly settled in her new role. Dion attended Perth Jobs Fair this week and had a great experience “There’s nothing like going in the deep end to learn about your new role-just six days in and I’m already learning so much about the industry”- Dion Said.

Dion is a confident communicator and excellent at building and developing relationships.

Her passion lies in the health and fitness industry, Dion has wealth of experience working for a Fitness RTO and the education side of the industry.

Dion also has previous experience with high schools and getting students into fitness courses and had a career as a Personal Trainer.

Dion is very passionate about supporting young people on their career journey.

Apart from her full-time role, Dion outside of work competes/volunteers in Powerlifting and has competed at a National level, currently holding a state record for deadlift.

If you are a careers advisor or candidate in WA, we are here to help – simply get in touch with our Community & School Liaison Officer:

Dion Stewart

P: 1300 66 44 96

M: 0475202270