Wanderlust with a Trowel: Bricklaying your way across the country!

Posted on Feb 14, 2024

We are thrilled to update you on our incredibly talented ambassador, Monique Juratovac’s journey, who is not only a qualified bricklayer but also an inspiration to many, we are sure Monique has and will inspire many women to join the industry! You go girl, the sky is the limit! Monique recently made the big move from Perth to Brisbane to pursue her dreams and passion. After much contemplation, she decided that moving to a new city in her twenties would be the best decision for her. Now, she is fully immersed in the career and lifestyle she has always aspired to have. Monique’s story is a reminder to all of us to give it a go.. chase your dreams and make a change NOW.

Monique embodies perseverance, resilience, passion, and discipline. We are incredibly proud of her and her work!

Check out her ‘Life Update’ podcast https://mjbricklayingco.podbean.com/about her move from Perth to Brisbane.

If you’re dreaming of exploring new landscapes while building a fulfilling career, bricklaying might just be the perfect trade for you. This skilled trade offers a unique blend of travel and craftsmanship. You can find work in bustling metropolises, charming coastal towns, or even serene rural areas, using your trowel as your passport. Each location brings fresh experiences and challenges. You’ll also have the opportunity to sharpen your skills with diverse projects, from restoring historic buildings to constructing modern marvels. This will expand your skill set and knowledge of various architectural styles and materials.

Bricklaying offers a unique path for those seeking freedom, adventure, and a tangible impact through their work. So, pack your trowel, embrace the challenge, and get ready to build your dreams, brick by brick, across the country!

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