What Makes A Good Bricklayer

Australia’s construction industry is significant, with ongoing residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. As a result, skilled bricklayers are in high demand to build and repair structures made of bricks, blocks, and other types of masonry. In Australia, bricklayers typically work on building sites, collaborating with other tradespeople and contractors to complete projects. Bricklaying can be a rewarding career in Australia, with opportunities for steady work and growth.

Becoming Bricklayer

Thinking of becoming a bricklayer? Or maybe you’re just interested in finding out if it’s the right job for you. Below are some personal attributes that are handy to have if you’re looking to become one. Click on a link to find out more…

Enjoy practical work

Sitting in an office all day typing up some documents is not everyone’s dream job. You may prefer a more hands-on approach – and what’s more practical than building things? A bricklayer is constantly engaged in work with their hands and is able to see and touch, what they create. As an activity, bricklaying is tangible, satisfying and a highly practical form of work.

Able to work at heights and outdoors

If you like maximising your time out in the open air, then being a bricklayer is sure to appeal to you. That’s because the majority of the time is spent outdoors. Some projects do require you to work at varying heights too – so if you don’t mind being ‘a bit off the ground’ now and then, you should have no problem either.

Good hand-eye coordination

Playing sports, playing an instrument, or playing computer games requires your hand movement to be ‘well tuned’ with your eye movement. And so does bricklaying! If you’re hand-eye coordination is pretty good, then it’s definitely an advantage to have as a bricklayer. The better it is, the faster and more precise your finished work will be.

Technical aptitude

Bricklaying isn’t all just about bricks and mortar. Before you begin building something you’ll need to know what you’re building and the best way to go about it. This requires the ability to read off plans and having a technical aptitude to understand a project, and correctly follow it through to completion.

Team player yet independent too

Being part of a team and working with them to achieve a satisfying result is a great aspect of working in a bricklaying gang – or as part of a building and construction project. Good productivity comes from great teamwork, but just as importantly there are times when you’ll need to work independently too. As a bricklayer, you should have the ability to work with others and work alone should the need arise.

Physically fit

You work in a very hands-on practical role outdoors, so as a bricklayer, it’s important to be physically fit. The added bonus is that doing bricklaying should make you even fitter! So if you love engaging in physical activity and working up a bit of a sweat now and then – bricklaying could be just the career for you.

Attitude and attendance

You can have all the other things mentioned – but at the end of the day, it comes down to two important things: attitude and attendance. If you turn up to work on time with ambition and dedication, you’ll find what’s possible as a bricklayer – and beyond. This means… not just having a good job and a great working lifestyle… but the potential to further yourself as a professional builder – or as a boss in the building and construction industry.
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