ABN Training, A successful model for training Apprentices.

Posted on Sep 09, 2019


One of the biggest pleasures I have in this job is seeing young people from a whole variety of different backgrounds, levels of education and capabilities, grow into brilliant Apprentices and Fantastic role models for industry.

It is no accident that ABN Training (Alcock Brown-Neaves), continue to produce high calibre apprentices across a range of construction trades, often in a very short time.

This Builder based Group Training Company has been actively involved in attracting, training and retaining quality apprentices for many years now.

Whilst I have showcased outcomes from this group many times in the past, the story is worth reviewing as it is an excellent model for others (particularly major builders).

The ABN Training methodology is simple, work with industry, schools and quality training providers to locate prospective candidates in the Pre Vocational world and provide opportunity through guidance and mentoring.

Whilst they are only a small team lead by Loris Moriconi (GTO Manager), they cover much ground right throughout key Residential growth areas in Western Australia.

They also have one of the best retention rates for an employer I have ever seen, not only during the apprenticeship but also post apprenticeship.

This should be the goal for all employers especially builder based, as the return on investment is securing loyal, quality trades aligned to sustainable outcomes.

Over the years many of their key own trades have in fact grown into senior roles within their business of which there are too many to mention.

The greatest exponent of course is Dale Alcock, Managing Director, who started in industry through a humble Bricklaying Apprenticeship of his own.

Dale now runs and owns the ABN Group and not to mention is the current President of an AFL team.


The ABN Apprentice Awards were not only exciting in terms of the accolades that were given, but also they had a true family feel to them.

This group led by Dale, Jane and Loris truly care for their Apprentices and Hosts and it shows. There was also much recognition for those in industry that support the process.

The ABBTF congratulates all ABN Apprentices who were nominated for awards and Bricklaying Apprentice Host Colin Hazelden, who has also helped to produce several World Skills champions.


There is definitely something happening in this group that is very special, which has come through hard work, good leadership and genuine personal interest!


Well done team ABN Training and all Apprentices.


Dean Pearson Manager WA

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