Tasmania’s First Female Bricklayer joins the Family

Posted on Oct 29, 2018

ABC Tasmania recently reported the story of Chelsea Whelan. Chelsea is the first woman in Tasmania to take on a Bricklaying apprenticeship, who says “it’s exactly the same as any other bloke going for the job,” (ABC Tasmania). Chelsea has decided to take after her father and grandfather, who were both bricklayers.

After spending time on site as a kid, Chelsea says “When I was little I always used to say I wanted to be a bricklayer and it kind of got pushed away” (ABC Tasmania). A common misconception about bricklaying being that it’s only for men.

Here at Become a Bricklayer, we actively support women in the workplace, especially in Bricklaying, and wish Chelsea the very best in her future as a bricklayer. To read more about Chelsea’s story visit the ABC’s article here.


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