True passion for bricklaying

Posted on Sep 23, 2019

During a recent field visit, our industry engagement officer (Jacqui Breeuwer) at Become a Bricklayer had the opportunity to meet a very talented Bricklaying teacher at VIC Poly – Michael Cations and his cute little two year old son – Billy (Future Brickie).

Michael specialises in traditional hand-crafted wood ovens and fireplaces, and runs his own business, K-showz bricklaying, he is also currently building his own house, and is a Bricklaying teacher at Vic Poly, for over 6 months now – sounds more like ‘master of all trades’, doesn’t he?

Michael has also worked as a  sessional teacher at The Gordon for two years, and has taught his cousin Josh Cations, who after only 10 months in the trade, participated at the WorldSkills regional event, followed by winning apprentice of the year at the Gordon for two years in a row, which also inspired Michael to start teaching.

Michael believes apprentices are an investment. “The quicker they lay bricks the quicker they are paying for themselves.” If you are inserted in starting a career in Bricklaying, we encourage you to join our FREE Work Ready Program (WRP) to find out if an apprenticeship in bricklaying is a good fit for you.

This program allows you to get a feel for the trade and help you decide if a career in the building and construction industry – starting with an apprenticeship in bricklaying – is a career path that you’d like to consider. After the program finishes, if you are interested in learning more, and are suitable, we (Become a Bricklayer) can match you with an employer and place you in an apprenticeship. WRP at VIC Poly, starts on the Oct 21st until Oct 24th, running for four full days at VIC Poly, Sunshine.

VIC poly also offers open days on Wednesdays for anyone wanting to check out the bricklaying facilities.

For more info about Bricklaying feel free to contact us on 1300 66 44 96.




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